More about Kate

As a child, instead of dressing my dolls in beautiful fashions and styling their hair, I was busy cutting out patterns from old wallpaper sample books, and making intricate miniature food and decorative objects out of clay and cardboard for a beautiful wooden dollhouse that my parents painstakingly built with me as a child.  Although I have no memory of actually playing "dolls," I certainly remember choosing flooring, wallpaper, paint colors, furnishings, and clipping pictures from magazines, framed in puffy paint to hang on the walls of the interior of my dollhouse. When I was in middle school, my mother allowed me to choose the paint color for my bedroom. I chose Hunter Green.  It was a serious, academic, and deeply moody color. I remember how the paint color transformed the space and captured how it felt to be a pre-teen in a small town. I carved a small corner of that room into a painting studio, and displayed decorative objects I'd collect from our summer vacations visiting family.  I went on to study art at Virginia Tech, where I received a BFA in Studio Art and a minor in Art History. I received an MFA in Painting from American University, in Washington, DC.  

I’ve spent the last 15 years molding my various creative motivations to fruition with that very same end goal: to transform something void of feeling into something that resonates as deeply "real" to me.  

My artwork embraces a visual language that is both studied and imperfect, and grounded in the process of painting.  My paintings are deeply rooted in formal contradictions and the history of the decorative pattern, specifically textile and wallpaper design.  Along with being an exhibiting artist, I have been a private art teacher, a college adjunct art instructor, and most recently, the co-owner of a small Residential and Commercial Interior Design Firm, Etch Design Lab. Once I discovered that I had a knack for designing and transforming my first home, I co-founded Etch. For the past 5 years, I have immersed myself in the fascinating world of interiors, developing my design sensibility and project management skills through experimentation in my own home, and through the collaboration process at Etch Design Lab.  I launched my own design studio in 2017 so that I could continue this love for interiors through my own lens.

I work with many client styles, at most budgets, both locally and where any of my clients may take me. I describe myself as a proud hoarder of all things pretty, with an obsession with block prints and anything rattan, a lover of 50s chinoiserie, contemporary art, infusing industrial metalwork with antique brass fixtures, combined with a little bit of granny. You may only be drawn to one or two things on that list, but I promise to be a good steward of your budget, your idiosyncratic sensibilities, and your goals, since it's your home, and it should reflect you and be filled with the things you love.